Learning Into Practice

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Three words that describe how you feel about social media?

At the end of each workshop, I asked participants to identify one small action step. I'm listing these here along with one or two resources that will be helpful.

Integration of Social Media Into Communications Plan
Review key media contacts to see which ones have a social media presence and make a connection

Structured Process
Be more streamlined in social media usage and less distracted

Do a self-assessment and some reflection: How Distracted Are You? by Beth Kanter
Living Consciously in a Connected World by Beth Kanter
52 Tips for Streamlining Your Social Media by Beth Kanter

Test the idea of "spreadsheet aerobics" with Facebook presence

Spreadsheet Aerobics by Beth Kanter
Measure Everything: Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? by Beth Kanter
No, Really, What Are You Doing on Facebook? by NTEN
The Facebook Fan Page Spreadsheet Template

Actionable Listening
Listening Tips by Beth Kanter

Start Using or Improve Current Use of Twitter
Twitter Tips by Beth Kanter

Social Network Analysis
Explore techniques for using social network analysis to improve social media strategy

Some Social Network Analysis Tools To Improve Social Media Practice by Beth Kanter

Revisit using a RSS reader to read content vs having everything come in email

RSS Reader Tutorial: Getting Started by Beth Kanter
Three Tips for Monitoring Social Media Channels for Professional Learning by Beth Kanter

Online Communities of Practice
Do a focus group with users to find needs/adoption issues

Digital Habitats: Tech Stewarding Communities by Beth Kanter