Learning Objectives
  • To introduce and discuss leading with a network mindset and how to apply to foundations
  • To self-assess organizational current level of maturity of network and social media practice
  • To identify one area of practice to make improvements following workshop
  1. 1. What does it mean to lead with a network mindset?
  2. 2. Social Media Maturity of Practice Model: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly
  3. 3. Closing
Leading with Networked Mindset
To work with a network mindset means embracing an emerging leadership style that is characterized by greater openness, transparency, decentralized decision-making, and collective action. It means operating with an awareness of the networks you are embedded in, and listening to and cultivating these networks to achieve the impact you care about. It means exercising leadership through active participation. It means sharing by default. It means communicating through a network model, rather than a broadcast model—finding where the conversations are happening and taking part.

Individuals leading with a network mindset are prioritizing activities that are often associated with facilitative or collaborative leadership. They’re seeking opportunities to distribute, rather than centralize, responsibility and authority. They’re convening diverse stakeholders, reaching out and engaging new participants in dialogues and projects, and generating coordination, cooperation and collaboration. They’re also working with an attentiveness to the nature of networks by creating and protecting spaces that build social capital (connectedness, trust, reciprocity), by brokering connections, especially across difference and nurturing self-organization, and by genuinely participating in networks and thereby leading by doing.
Nonprofit CEOs and the Networked Mindset

Carolyn Miles – Save the Children CEO


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Reflection Question: Are you leading with a networked mindset? What are the benefits? What are the challenges?

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Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: The Book

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