Seek, Sense, Share

1. Identify Goal
What is the value that self-directed learning can bring to your work?
What do you want to accomplish?

2. Topics
What topics do you need to follow to reach your goal?
Don’t pick too many. Be specific

3. Seek

What are the best sources to follow? Blogs, Web Sites, Individuals
Less is more. Build slowly. Delete if no longer valuable
How to organize
How will you build at least 15 minutes a day to seek out information?

4. Sense
When and how can you make the time for sense-making?
How can you link it to a work task?
How will you integrate “sense-making” activities into your routine?

5. Share

Who are the most important people to share with?
What networks do you want so share? Internal? External?
How often will you share?
How will you build daily sharing time that includes reading/commenting on someone else’s curated lists or posts?
How will keep a discipline to share only the best stuff?