What's Next for Philanthropy from the Monitor Institute
Lessons Learned by Larry Blumenthal

A bridge to offline results
Foundation Turns to Facebook For Grant Proposal Feedback
Social Media Helps Foundations - Better Listeners, Partners, and Agents of Change

Listening and Engaging
Listening Literacy for Nonprofits
How To Set Up Alerts
Foundations That Tweet

Building relationships with influencers
How To Find Social Media Influencers

Platform for self-organizing
Give MN Site
March of Dimes

The social life of web content
Making Sense of Diabetes video contest we held during the month of October. You can see it here:
Making Sense of Diabetes

Staff time and expertise

Knight Foundation Community Manager Staff Position
Knight Foundation Job Recruitment Video
Building Your Team Without Hiring Additional People

Assessing organizational culture
Change Management and Social Media
Social Media Policies
Example of a Foundation Social Media Policy: Knight Foundation

The right metrics
7 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Blog

Small pilots, fail fast, reiterate
A Method for Learning

Some thoughts about Social Media and Foundations