Tactics and Tools

RSS Readers
Introductory 3.5 MInute Video: RSS in Plain English
watch this first
Feed Me: A gentle introduction to Internet feeds - a good tutorial from Palinet, a library cooperative
RSS Tutorial in Flickr
Using RSS Effectively for Research
23 Steps: Make Life Simple With RSS
23 Steps: Finding and Subscribing to Feeds

A few RSS Readers:
Bloglines (10 Steps to Using Bloglines and YouTube Video Showing how to Add Feeds)

Cultivating Bloggers
Free Range Graphics Studio, Connecting With Bloggers (advice for nonprofits)
Toby Bloomberg, Bloggers Talk To PR Agencies
Blogger Outreach 101 by Kevin Bondelli

Beth's Blog - Twitter Posts
Twitter and Nonprofits:
Twitter Primer
List of Nonprofit Twitter-ers:
Net2ThinkTank: How Can Nonprofits Use Twitter?

If you are considering a blog for yourself
Beginners Bloggers Guide by ProBlogger
Advice to Would Be Bloggers

If you are considering a blog for your organization:
What color is your blog? by Beth Kanter, inspired by Nina Simon
Ten Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs from Netsquared

Foundation Blogs

Nonprofits and Flickr by Beth Kanter

Tips for Viral Videos on YouTube by Beth Kanter
The Art of YouTube by Michael Hoffman (notes here)
An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch

Using Facebook in Your Nonprofit by Michele Martin
Nonprofits on Facebook Fan Page
How to Use the Privacy Settings on Facebook by Jeremiah Owyang
I'm On Facebook Now What? by Jesse Stay (book)

I'm On LinkedIn Now What? by Jesse Alba
Ten Ways To Use LinkedIn by Guy Kawasaki
Write Your LinkedIn Profile for your Future by Chris Brogan

Twitter Primer
The Art of Retweet